Under the theme of photography this online store was conceived and is run by Hugh Burden photographer. On offer are beautifully produced fine art prints of Hugh's photographs and a range of products branded f8TE, in particular original T-Shirts with photographic themed graphics.


Hugh's career spans more than three decades. Over this period and at different times his work specialised in different genres of photography, chronologically listed as: Medical and Biological Illustrator, Industrial & Commercial Photographer, Advertising Food & Still Life Photographer, Roomset Interiors and Architectural Photographer and currently People Interiors and Environments.

It was his personal work, he loosely calls Art Photography (not finding a better term) , that finally led to this store. While building it to offer prints he found he was wanting to present more products. Staying within the theme of photography; T-Shirts, mugs and other merchandise (yet to be released) under the brand of f8TE was born.

WHY f8TE ?

When returning all cameras to their stored places ready for the next assignment Hugh always sets them at f8 and 1/125th second at an ISO of 200. This he claims has them ready for an average exposure and instant shot should it be needed. After years of doing this, f8 or 'fate' became almost a mantra - and thus fate delivered the brand name.


As fate continues to illuminate the way, further exclusive products will be introduced, to keep informed sign up for the newsletter. You will not be bombarded with e mails but just a few notifications a year when anything new is available. (We will never ever pass your information on to third parties.)

Thanks and as they used to say when Hugh started out his career 'peace and love'


HUGH BURDEN PHOTOGRAPHER FINE ART WEBSITE (Opens in new window) For Mysterious Forests, Medieval Ghosts, Submerged Walls, Fog an alternative Universe and some random Surreal images all in collections of photographs

HUGH BURDEN PHOTOGRAPHER COMMERCIAL WEBSITE : (Opens in new window) For People, Interiors and Environments. Contemporary photography for advertising, design and editorial commissions, large and not so large businesses.